The Bitchy Bookkeeper Journal Vol 1 & 2

Paperback journals designed for the childfree community. 

Official Childfree Journal Trailer



Inside the Journal

139 (double-sided) lined pages with inspiring watermark. 

Each volume contains 11 unique quotes  +  11 insights about being childfree.

The quotes & stories are different in each volume. 

  • 5 X 8--fits in your carry-on
  • Durable paperback-you can crease the spine or fold back the pages for a comfortable writing experience. 
  • Entertaining-I share personal stories from my childfree journey. Some silly, some thoughtful. 


Childfree Representing!

Passionately childfree! Loves to journal! A winning combination! 

Childfree-curious? Not sure how to journal?  Each volume has 11 personal stories + 11 childfree quotes throughout to help inspire you. 


The Bitchy Bookkeeper

A brand designed to support and entertain the childfree community. Created by LeNora Faye.

About Childfree Journals

The Idea

LeNora Faye, creator of The Bitchy Bookkeeper: a childfree brand, has been an avid journaler since the age of 12. 

Summer of 2019, she birthed the idea for a series of paperback journals with a childfree twist. 

3 Reasons to Journal

  1. Mental Clarity—untangling the thoughts in your head brings relief!
  2. Creative Ideas—Inspiration can occur at any moment. Write it down and see how far you can go!
  3. Daydreams for the future—What adventures do you want to go on??

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Childfree Journals: a Bitchy Bookkeeper brand.

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