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50 childfree prompts to help you start journaling or enhance your current journaling experience.  



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Inside the Journal

139 (double-sided) lined pages with inspiring watermark. 

Each volume contains 11 unique quotes  +  11 insights about being childfree.

The quotes & stories are different in each volume. 

  • 5 X 8--fits in your carry-on
  • Durable paperback-you can crease the spine or fold back the pages for a comfortable writing experience. 
  • Entertaining-I share personal stories from my childfree journey. Some silly, some thoughtful. 


Childfree Representing!

These journals speak to the childfree soul!

Spill your dreams and secrets and gain mental clarity in a non-judgemental space.

Whether you are on the fence, decidedly childfree, or childfree-by-circumstance, these journals will support and inspire you. 

Journaling is a powerful way to explore your inner being and unlock what you truly desire. 


The Bitchy Bookkeeper

The Bitchy Bookkeeper is a brand dedicated to bringing positive awareness to the childfree lifestyle. 

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LeNora Faye - Founder

LeNora Faye created The Bitchy Bookkeeper blog and brand in 2018 after deciding to go public with her choice to not have kids. 

 "It felt wrong to stay silent, even though it's nobody's business.  I have a passion for talking about this sensitive subject. Through social media, I've reached a growing childfree community. I love hearing other stories of happy childfree living."

Childfree Girls Podcast & Web Series

LeNora is one of the founding non-mothers of Childfree Girls: an international web series and podcast for the childfree community. Catch the series on YouTube, airing every second Sunday.  Listen to the podcast on Podbean or Spotify. 

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